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Peter Kjenaas
Producer, SportsBlast, LLC

Peter Kjenaas (pronounced "Chenus") is producer at Los Angeles-based SportsBlast, LLC, an animation development and production company for the sports world. As producer, Kjenaas is responsible for managing the overall functions of the company as well as much of the writing. He produces all publications and creative projects of SportsBlast, LLC including the animated series, The Kellys, which portrays the stock car racing world from the perspective of a racing family.
Currently Kjenaas also is the president of Cartwright Entertainment, Inc. and the executive director of Happy House, a non-profit foundation that delivers seminars on building better families. At Cartwright Entertainment, Inc., he supervises the development and production of animated works, audio books, documentaries, stage plays, screenplays and teleplays.
During his career of more than two decades as a professional in the entertainment business, Kjenaas has worked at both the Kern Shakespeare Festival and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. He produced, co-wrote and edited Nancy Cartwright’s autobiography and one-woman show, “My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy,” and wrote “The Snow Queen,” “In Search of Fellini” and “A Day in The Life.” He also founded Artists Without Nets and Focus Central Repertory Theatre.
Kjenaas earned is bachelor’s degree in theater arts and foreign languages from San Francisco State University. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild, the Screen Actors Guild and the Actors Equity Association. For his work, Kjenaas received two Aurora Gold Awards and a Houston Film Fest Award.


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