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The Kellys
Cast & Crew
Rob Paulsen
Voices of Armani Riggio, Tex Riggs and Billy Riggs

Emmy-winner Rob Paulsen portrays Armani Riggio, Tex Riggs, and Billy Riggs. He is also a multi-Annie Award recipient and nominee for his extraordinary work as a voice-actor. He is considered by top-level producers and by his peers as a modern-day Mel Blanc, one of the most talented and versatile artists in the history of animation. Just a very few of his hundreds of credits include: Wakko’s Wish, Hysteria!, Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain, The Powerpuff Girls, Land Before Time, The New Adventures of Johnny Quest, The Tick, The Mask and many more. His creations are always compelling and filled with a special vitality.



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