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Have Fun, Help At-Risk Kids

July 31, 2007

With the recent craze in Texas Hold ’Em over the past couple of years, it seems that everyone wants the chance to hang with the pros. They’ll be at Nancy’s house to join guests and vie for prizes while helping to raise funds for a new PALS Devonshire youth center.

Dine, Drink and be Dealt your winning hand (we hope!) on Saturday, September 29th alongside friends of Nancy, local dignitaries and celebrity friends.

The Devonshire Police Activities League Supporters (PALS) in Northridge is planning to build a youth center for children that will host various after-school activities in an effort to help at-risk kids stay off the streets. Nancy, as a Board Member of the Devonshire PALS, has offered to help raise money for the building by hosting a semi-formal, Texas Hold ‘Em tournament and Monte Carlo Night. There will be tons of prizes for those lucky or skilled enough to get past the pros who will be there lending a hand for a great cause.

Join us to play or to just enjoy the gourmet food, open bar, entertainment, and great company! Send an email to and we’ll “deal you” some information so you can “ante up” for the kids.


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