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Street-Wise Challenge

Enter the Street-Wise Challenge for your chance to win cash prizes and be a part of a documentary film.

Happy House, founded by Nancy ”the-Voice-of-Bart-Simpson” Cartwright and Rose Goss, is the non-profit whose slogan is Build a Better Family/Build a Better World. Using The Way to Happiness® booklet as a focus and inspiration, Happy House has created the Street-Wise Challenge to reward groups who are helping to improve our society.

If your group is doing something to improve the lives of others in your community, simply by entering the Street-Wise Challenge you may be eligible to win. Are you making a cleaner, safer environment? Are you helping elders, tutoring kids? Are you improving conditions for your family, your group, your neighborhood, your school, your city or your country? If so, you are most likely doing something that could be part of the Street-Wise Challenge.

And your project could become part of a documentary film!

There is NO FEE to enter this challenge.

PRIZES: There are three categories of prizes in the Street-Wise Challenge. Multiple prizes will be given in each category and top winners will be recognized by the office of Los Angeles City Councilman Greig Smith!

First Place Cash Prizes are $1,000 and some lucky winners will take a tour of an animation studio with Nancy "Bart" Cartwright!

Go to to find out more and sign up!

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